What to promote?

It starts with having a product idea which you believe can attract a fair amount of sales. You have to base your idea around what’s already popular out there. After all, you already use and have an idea of plenty of products/services that people use on a frequent basis.

Secondly, you have to validate your idea to determine whether people will like it. After all, an idea is only profitable when people actually want to use it.

Generally, coming up with an idea isn’t a difficult job. Unless you’re trying to reinvent the wheel through some ingenious means, your problem should be as simple as finding popular products and services and improving on them so that they can solve people’s problems.

Now, imagine that you are a stay-at-home dad. This situation may put you in a scenario where you are thinking of coming up with a product that makes household chores easy to perform. Your next step would be to search for something like a vacuum robot for instance. When you do that, Google will respond with hundreds of reviews on the same topic. Specifically, user reviews on Amazon will give you a rough idea on what’s bad about those products. That’s a chance to improve on the negative aspects of that product.

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