Communications Technology Throughout The Ages [Infographic]

Remember that feeling when you were just on top of a tall building? You could see everything, even the end of the ocean and sometimes the border of the next city or even luckier, a country.

When you view an infographic talking about the progression of communications technology, we couldn’t believe the effort put into sending a message that today only requires a few clicks, taps or even gestures from the comfort of your location using a device.

How to appreciate our modern technology? Just read through this infographic. It’s a miracle to have the internet. It’s a miracle to have technology.



Smartphone News – Signs You Have a Smartphone Addiction

You sometimes, unconsciously, spend most of your time texting instead of walking.

You get easily distracted whenever there is a text message or a call in your smartphone.

You casually accuse yourself of being addicted to your smartphone and think of it as no big deal.

And the last one is, you might be reading this post using your smartphone.

If you are, then you are a certified smartphone addict.

Here are some definitive signs that you should put down your phone and get back on track and rediscover your life and what it is all about.

  1. Struggling with depression

Yes, you’ve read it right. There are people who are struggling with depression and often times spend more time on their phones than their usual routine.

They frequently spend most of the time on their social media accounts and ends up making their feelings depressed than they ever did before making and logged on an account.

  1. No mobile phone-free vacation

You spent most of your vacation days together with your smartphone. It is a good thing but you also need that time off to count so that your brain cells can also take a break.

  1. Dependent and the feeling of loneliness

You are dependent of your smartphone every time and you isolate yourself sometimes to the real world because even spending time with your friends is all about the screen rather than interacting with them normally with one another.

  1. Keep on posting selfies and pictures on Social Media

When was the last you didn’t post any pictures on Instagram? Even your meal you snap a picture and post it on Instagram or on any social media accounts that you have rather than having a normal, healthy eating habit.

After all, what’s the point of having a picture if you never even allowed yourself to fully experience it?

  1. Looking at your phone’s screen all the time

You can’t help yourself to look at your phone even while you are about to sleep, to eat or at work. That is just so sad and completely unacceptable.

  1. You are “nomophobic”

Yes, that is right! It means you have a fear of losing or without the presence of your mobile phone. You feel desperate whenever you left or misplaced your mobile phone for a single moment.

  1. With smartphone, there is no time to relax

You never actually chill out like an actual chilling out with friends and family the normal way because when you turn off your mobile phone, it can create some initial anxiety.


  1. You’ve experienced near death situation because of texting while walking

Yes, you can read that on newspapers, magazines and televisions. It is possible because you tend to put your whole focus on your mobile phone than the actual happenings around you. Aside from texting while walking, there are a lot of cases of hold-up because of mobile phone.

  1. Your interaction to people is different

When was the last time you talk to a new friend without the presence of your mobile phone? Social interaction these days has been changed because of the presence of smartphones.

  1. You can’t imagine your life without your smartphone

Most people we have interviewed, most of them are the young generation, admitted that they feel this way most of the time. They made their mobile phones as a necessity rather than a want.

Everyone, listen. You better turn it off. It is worth it, we promise you that. There is more to life than spending your time with your mobile phone. Start changing it now before it is too late!

The Effect and Meaning of Future Communications Technology


Do you sometimes dream of what future communications technology would become?

What are your expectations for the future communications technology so far?

Today, we will discuss the effect and the real meaning of future communications technology to the users nationwide and worldwide.

The use of mobile phones

We all know that smartphones today are everywhere and everyone knows its functions and others couldn’t live or survive the day without their mobile gadget, particularly the businessmen and working people who are in the IT industry.

At school when you walk around the campus, you can see that everyone locked their eyes on their mobile phones and it is hard to find a single student who doesn’t own a mobile phone.

Most of the students who are using mobile are texting, chatting while walking, driving, eating at a restaurant or cafeteria, or even going to the bathroom. They even use their mobile phones to spread love for their loved ones.

Even I, myself, could no longer identify where this trend is going or where it is going to lead our society. But I always think of it as an interesting thing to speculate.

As students graduate and move into the workforce, it is going to mean interesting shifts in technology used on the job.

It’s impact to the society

Are you familiar with the Generation Y? They call is the millennial generation.

It is the fastest growing demographic whether you are in the workforce and it also make up 75 percent of the working population as we are about to reach the year 2025 according to most research and polls.

As part of the growing changes in the communications technology this time, the next generation is going to be digital just almost from birth and it can reach over 80 percent of individuals that is born today to have some form of digital footprint by the time they reach the age of 2.

It is not impossible since the mobile evolution is vastly overwhelming the society.

What really astounds me is that the millennial generation is moving away from voice communication in the direction of more texting.

At first I thought we are going to rely less and less on the letters that we can see in our mobile phones or the letters typed in from a keyboard layout that was invented by the great Christopher Sholes with about 150 years ago.

But I was mistaken. It will not going to happen because of the evolution of the mobile phones.

Inevitably, we will move away from letters and use images and audio, or just thoughts, to communicate ideas.

Eventually there would be no need to text or type anything. When that time comes, it would be a great transition for the next generation because they are used about the fast communications technology they have used before.

Conclusion: The future of communication is going to be a wild ride particularly with what is happening right now. I am sure it won’t be an easy task to do but we can make it happen if we held on each other’s hands.What do you think about the future communications technology? Tell us below and comment!

Free Mobile Services by Spotify’s Version

Are you familiar with free mobile services today?

For those of you don’t know what Spotify is, it is a music streaming services that can be used for desktop, laptop and now in your mobile or smartphones for better music stream.

Aside from that, they also allow music lovers to use a limited version for Spotify users, either for free, on their phones only.

According to the music streaming company, this new free tier of them doesn’t have the unlimited, on-demand and offline functionality of their Premium plan.

Instead, it allows the users to listen to their playlists and they can also discover new artists using the “Shuffle Mode” of the said music streaming feature.

With Spotify’s desktop free tier, it has been an essential component of their ability to compete with piracy and they encourage people to listen to music legally.

A big part of the value of subscribing to Spotify has been the ability to take your music with you on your mobile device, something free users could not do.

You might be wondering why the Spotify have launched free mobile service to the public and to most mobile users.

Well, I only got one answer to that question. As the world is changing, so does technology.

Before, Spotify has just launched its brand name to the public listeners; smartphone adaptation was in the single digits and now, smartphones are everywhere. It became omnipresent and in many cases, it is the primary devices that most people use to access the World Wide Web, whether to listen to music or to scroll some social media features.

Smartphone access is no longer a luxury, it’s the norm.

The smartphone as a norm to the public users or the masses means that the vast majority of mobile users or the consumption is taking place through services that pay little or even nothing back to the music industry in royalties as they have observed.

As per statement of Spotify, they are not giving everything away for free though because they are still part of the business industry and they need to gain revenue with their features.

The new mobile free tier is designed to allow curious music lovers to get a taste of Spotify for free but with a number of restrictions that will encourage subscription in even greater numbers. Users on our free mobile tier will not have the on-demand or offline functionality that our Premium users enjoy on mobile, they won’t be able to choose specific tracks from albums or play single albums in full.

In other words, there is some free music that the public can listen to but if they want to listen to their most favourite music, they need to purchase the said feature to play it continuously.

With Spotify’s free mobile services, how does it affect the artists as well?

In addition to generating higher royalties, the increased mobile user base will be able to utilize Spotify’s artist tools. These music fans will be able to follow their favourite artists and the music online.

This isn’t just an opportunity for Spotify to convert more users; it’s an opportunity for artists to convert more curious listeners into active and valuable fans.

For my overall thoughts, Spotify is not against music buying for artists but they are promoting them in the most rapid way to reach out to their fans from all over the world with their free mobile services. It can prolong their career as an artist while the company is prolonging their business in the music industry.

The Beauty of Communications Technology and its Impact to the Public



“What a computer is to me is it’s the most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with. It’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds – Steve Jobs”

It is not common to us adults and young people of this generation that technology has become a very big part in our lives.

The changes it brought to our homes, in our workstations, schools and even to our community, you can’t deny that technology serves as a divider between generations.

Most parents saw the benefits of technology for their kids and grandparents too can see that technologies like computers are useful but hard to use especially with their age and problems with their eyesight.

Yet, as times have changed, we’re seeing formerly disruptive technologies connecting older and younger generations in ways never before thought possible. Disruptive technologies such as pornographic sites, video games that cause bad influence to the minds of the young generation and above all, there are people who are using technologies for personal reason like in politics and the like.

Is there anything good about technologies today?

Yes, there are still good thing about technologies. Some mobile apps, social networks and hottest games that promotes educational learnings and others who are into promoting good things when it comes to using technology as communication or part of their daily routine.

To give us more learning about technology for better communication with our loved ones, here are some ways in which innovations in communications that helped and even deepened family relationships through different generations:

Let us all face it today, we are now living in a world where all the people, not only the want it, but they also expect it which is the immediate access to everything.

That includes extended communication to people not just in physical items but everything as a package.

Social Media

These are user-friendly designs like the iPhone and many other devices in which it allows them to reach friends across the country using their smartphones or even desktops.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Skype are some of the best social media features that the young and the adults in this generation are using to communicate with their loved ones abroad or to be updated in everything that is happening in news, entertainment and everything that captures their interest.

Tech Savvy Users

We’ve come a long way from the time when a teenager’s worst nightmare was getting a Facebook friend request from a parent. Everything is different ever since the world of social media has evolved.

With new features like text and voice chats becoming more commonplace, mobile games are a perfect example of how tech is transforming family interactions.

People around the world know what Skype is all about.  It plays a large part in the adoption of alternative communication tools, thank goodness for its free video calling and you’ll ever need is good internet speed and you are good to go.

It is just like an old-fashioned landline calling, the best of it is that both users are sitting at home in front of their webcam chatting and missing each other.

As the world has become more mobile, new services have emerged that have become popular with millions of international users.

So, obviously, technology communication plays a big part in our lives as what I have said earlier. Without communication, perhaps we won’t be able to contact our loved ones abroad or contact our family nearby.

Tell us your favourite moment using technology communication features and your thoughts about it too.